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About Us


Santomauro Designs is a start-up pattern and print studio based in Milan, Italy with team members all over the globe. Founded in 2020, our studio regularly designs and develops exclusive and commercial prints and patterns applicable to home goods, interior design, fashion, and textile production. 

Our designs are unique in style and method. With a combination of hand-operated techniques and the use of digital design soft-wears, we regularly deliver fresh ideas to our customers. We believe in quality over quantity and take pride in the work we do. We have the utmost attention to detail and guide our clients step-by-step in the process of delivering the best possible performance according to their requests.

Our collections are easy to navigate and clear for customers to discover the perfect design. Purchasing has never been so simple, we sell our designs with two options of license: personal use or commercial use. Once the payment is completed the file is automatically sent to our customer at their preferred email address. We are specialized in the creation of customized prints and all our departments work cohesively towards our clients' satisfaction. 

Up to now, we have been working privately with companies and private customers to develop exclusive designs for personal use and decor, specifically, we have been completing many projects in home decor, yacht interiors, and apparel.  





Our Team:

Ginevra R. Santomauro

CEO & Head Designer - 

Sean M. Vossen

Chief Financial Manager -

Camille V. Santomauro

Marketing & Social Media Manager

Nadia Fucili

Costumer Service Manager -